Thank you for registering your Xsell Opportunity.

Next Steps…

  1. Mark or Catrina will be in contact shortly to confirm the particulars of the opportunity. (Feel free to Teams us if you hear nothing in 48 hours.)
  2. If the opportunity is verified your opportunity will be added to the master Xsell report which you will have accessed to the share drive under this link.
  3. The master Xsell report will be updated periodcally – BUT all activity for the opportunity lead will be updated in the CRM – you may not have access to the CRM – so check the master report which will be exported from the CRM periodically.
  4. Remember it takes time for your opportunity to realise into an actual sale, and many opportunities may not convert into a sale – therefore, a Xsell opportunity is no guarantee of the bonus – it must become a sale to Nuvola Distribution Ltd.
  5. And finally, good luck, an keep Xselling!


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