Our Collaboration Meeting Room Solutions Division delivers a comprehensive suite of Audio and Visual Solutions to compliment any product portfolio

Collaboration Meeting Room Solutions

Collaboration Meeting Room Solutions are a requirement of today’s virtual meetings, this Nuvola Division is providing collaboration technology with Interactive Touchscreens, Soundbars and 4k Cameras, visualisers and award-winning software for Technology Resllers to easily add to their existing portfolio.

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Interactive Touchscreens For Video Conferencing ranging from 55' to 86'
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Soundbars for high quality complete surround sound
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Cameras with high quality 4k
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Visualisers - Document Cameras

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing requires high quality cost effective Interactive Touchscreens. With a range of fixed and mobile screens ranging from 55′ to 86′ screens, some including Zoom Rooms and completed with cameras, soundbars and award-winning software.


Soundbars that bring a high quality audio delivery into a meeting room or a large classroom. Soundbars from AVer Europe will provide 5w (@100dB) of sound that is more than sufficient for for any huddle room.  With 2 uni-directional microphones reaching well over a 4m range.


Cameras that provide on-premise or usb video conferencing with quality visual that is far superior to the competition. Cameras thta are Zoom certified and with all AVer products a 2 year warranty is included.


Visualisers are document cameras, the AVerVision solutions allow any document to be presented onto the screen for group visuals. The AVerVision wireless visualiser is the first video capture and streaming solution for tablets.


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Video Conferencing for Meetings, Classrooms and Conferences.

Interactive Touchscreens from AVer Europe

Interactive Touchscreens ranging from 55′ to 86′ inches from AVer Europe including Zoom Rooms with the leading EP65.

Interactive Touchscreens from i3-Technologies

i3-Technologies Interactive Touchscreens include fixed screens ranging from 55′ to 86′ with the leading mobile i3SIXTY.

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Yealink, Poly and AVer soundbars solutions. Yealink offers and all-in-one soundbar and camera. The Poly solution is a combined soundbar and camera in one unit. The AVer soundbar is purely an audio unit.


AVer Soundbars are professional grade speakers and are perfectly suited for huddle rooms and small to large conferences


Poly Studio is a camera and soundbar combined into one unit for ultimate meeting room delivery.

Poly Studio Distributed by Nuvola Distribution


Yealink offer seven cameras, including an all-in-one camera, soundbar with microphone arrays and speaker.

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AVer Cameras

AVer Cameras are capable of streaming, recording and sharing, they have an intuitive interface and have the ability to track and film people moving.

Poly Cameras

Poly Studio combines both a camera and soundbar into one unit for outstanding quality from the legendary vendor.

Poly Studio Distributed by Nuvola Distribution

Yealink Cameras

With seven USB cameras perfect for any sized-room

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Visualisers are document cameras that act as a well-designed digital presentation tool


Visualisers or Document Cameras provide an easy-to-use presentation tool that provides one-touch recording, on-board annotation and is the world’s first video capture and streaming solution for tablets, allowing teachers to stream, present, annotate, record and share live images via various devices.

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