Nuvola Distribution is proud to introduce NuLoyalty, our exclusive partner programme. NuLoyalty is designed to reward and support our valued reseller channel partners.

As a NuLoyalty member, your business will receive various benefits and rewards, allowing your business to grow and increase profitability.

Some of the key benefits of the NuLoyalty partner program are:

  • Volume rebates: As a NuLoyalty member, you will be eligible for volume rebates based on your sales performance, hence the more you sell, the higher your rebate percentage will be. We would look at historic numbers and set targets for the next Quarter.
  • Marketing assistance: We understand the importance of effective marketing in driving sales, so we will provide you with a range of marketing resources. This includes developing a strategic plan in line with your business plan to achieve you objectives. We can provide you with tactical assistance with mailing campaigns, events, press releases, collateral and content along with incentives.
  • Marketing Data Services: Licensed customer data for lead generation activities. This includes Prospect data for UK businesses delivered directly from a leading UK data agency at an exclusively reduced rate for Nuvola partners only.
  • Personal Pricing Books: We will provide access to our price books, which contain detailed pricing information on our products and services. This will help you make informed decisions when quoting prices to your customers.
  • Promotions: We will regularly run promotions and special offers exclusively for NuLoyalty members.
  • Support and Support credits: As a NuLoyalty member, you will receive support credits that you can use to access technical support and other services. We are helping you and your team resolve issues quickly and efficiently through the resources available.
  • Thought leadership and education: Nuvola will share valuable industry insights, whitepapers, research reports, or educational resources with you.
  • Access to new technology: We will provide early access to the latest products and technologies we are adopting on our portfolio, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Invitations to events: We will invite you first to attend events, including product launches, training sessions, and networking opportunities. These events will provide valuable insights and opportunities to connect with other NuLoyalty members.

To discover more, become a Nuvola partner by registering your interest here.

Application and acceptance is subject to approval by Nuvola Distribution.