Ingate’s SIParators are installed all over the world. Common scenarios: enterprises connecting to Internet telephony service providers (ITSP) and SIP trunks, connecting remote users and branch offices to use the corporate IP-PBX, and much more.

The Ingate SIParator®/Firewall® S95/S97/S98 are E-SBCs that offers large enterprises a controlled and secured migration to Voice over IP and other live communications, based on SIP. With the Ingate SIParator, E-SBC even the largest of businesses, with branch offices around the world and remote workers, can easily harness the productivity and cost-saving benefits of VoIP and other IP-based communications while maintaining current investments in security technology. The Ingate SIParator® 95/97/98 are high capacity, high-performance E-SBCs designed for large enterprises, call centers and service providers, and can handle up to 20,000 RTP sessions.