NuTech – ShoreTel – Upgrading to Connect

shoretel-logo-largeST Connect- CAS Connection Failure while assigning a phone to a user


You have recently installed a new phone and some buttons on the device are not functioning. Newly registered phone cannot access history and directory.

More Information

There are multiple causes to this problem, including:


If changes have been made to the security keys stored in Shoreline DataKeystore (such as ShoreTel being installed with the default system time being used on the Operating System then changing the time post installation).


The phone firmware in Connect Director says Firmware Mismatch



The Keystore folder needs to be recreated

[if !supportLists]1.    [endif]Stop all ShoreTel services. If HQ use C:Program Files (x86)Shoreline CommunicationsShoreWare ServerScriptshq_shoretel-stop-svcs.bat

[if !supportLists]2.    [endif]Backup shoreline datakeystore folder by copying it to another location such as the desktop and then delete it

[if !supportLists]3.    [endif]Start services. If HQ use C:Program Files (x86)Shoreline CommunicationsShoreWare ServerScriptshq_shoretel-start-svcs.bat

[if !supportLists]4.    [endif]A new keystore folder should be created under Shoreline Data using the current date/time.

[if !supportLists]5.    [endif]Reboot all switches

[if !supportLists]6.    [endif]On affected phones press Mute and spell CLEAR (25327)# to default the phones to obtain an updated certificate.

If you require further training or advice on this or any other technical issues, please feel free to contact the Nuvola Support Team on or call 0845 524 0520