NuNews – First Edition

Nuvola Connect Facilities have arrived


ShoreTel Connect is a platform built on a single software code base that means you can design your communications system any way you choose: as a managed service from the cloud, as a hardware system you manage yourself, or even as a hybrid. You’ve probably heard about it, but how will it work?

Our demo facilities and kit have just opened to the public so that you can find out yourself first hand. To arrange an onsite demo at your premises or ours, and learn more about the new innovative platform, visit the link below.

Learn more about ShoreTel Connect

Skype for Business – Collaborating without the risks


Skype For Business is making waves, and with the adoption of Office 365, it’s becoming more and more relevant. However, organisations may still be sceptical due to compliance or regulatory issues. Learn how to securely implement Skype for your customers in the link below.

Learn more about call recording with Red Box

The Nuvola Loyalty Programme


With the release of our newsletter comes the NuLoyalty Scheme. Keep a look out for some details that will be coming to you soon about the partner rewards scheme we are about to launch – you will be invited to sign up to the Nuvola loyalty programme. Customers can benefit from remote engineering and helpdesk time offered free of charge based on monthly spend across any of our vendor products.

Learn more about NuLoyalty here

What is SD WAN?


Software Defined Data Centres, Storage and Networking has been unravelled — but what on earth is a Software Defined WAN?

Learn more by clicking here.