BIO: Mark Hermon

Mark has recently joined the Nuvola team and is responsible for all things at the Nuvola warehouse! With over 13 years experience in the industry, Mark brings a wealth of experience and skills to the team. Here’s a fun profile.

How long have you been in this industry?
Approximately 13 years 

Favourite hobby?
Badminton, walking, swimming and golf were my favourite past times but, my ageing elements have got the better of me so my hobby’s are not so strenuous these days, so just some gardening and walks.

Tie or no tie? (are you a casual dresser or prefer formal)
No tie, I’m that casual dress type of guy.

Tea or coffee? (or something stronger)
Tea for me. At the end of the day I used to open a couple of bottles of beer until one day I found I wasn’t enjoying them as much (also doctors orders), I found myself gaining pounds in my pocket and losing pounds from my weight!

Sport of choice? – Favourite team?
Not a keen football fan, I like to watch Tennis, Athletics and Formula One..

Out of work? Books or films?
I do like to watch a good movie. The past few years I’ve been busy renovating my house.