BIO: Darren Singleton

Nuvola’s new year started with 2 new recruits and we’d like to welcome Darren Singleton, the marathon man! With 6 years experience in the industry, Darren joins us a solutions specialist. Darren is a fond fan of Westworld… Maybe he’s a robot?  Can somebody call in Anthony Hopkins please?

How long have you been in this industry?
It’ll be 6 years in May

Favourite hobby?
Running and cycling. I’m doing my first ever full marathon in April (in Rome) and also a 100 mile bike ride event in the Peak District (which I also did last year) – people think I’m mad…I think they could be right!

Tie or no tie? (are you a casual dresser or prefer formal)
I usually go shirt/trousers but no tie. A guy in a previous workplace once got sent home for not wearing a tie – so he came back in a full suit/tuxedo! Then promptly got a written warning… This will not happen at Nuvola – we have a sense of humour! 

Tea or coffee? (or something stronger)
Coffee but I try to only have 1 or 2 cups a day. Mostly drink water (wow that makes me sound boring..!)

Sport of choice? – Favourite team?
Football – I support Nottingham Forest, the team that used to be really good.

Out of work? Books or films?
Aside from running/cycling, I like snowboarding, films, the odd TV show (recently got obsessed with Westworld), and I’m into travel too and have been lucky enough to go to some really brilliant places. But most of all, my life is ruled by my 5 year old son Oliver.