How to implement robust VoIP solutions over a SD-WAN

Talari_N_Logo_WhiteAdding the Talari Networks products to the Nuvola Distribution portfolio was and easy choice due to the unique technology and approach they provide in deliverying a complete, intelligent SD-WAN solution, especially when it comes to implementing a VoIP solution over a WAN, which many of our partners are involved in.  The benefits of increased bandwidth, lower network costs and improved uptime also made this an easy decision.

Talari has identified five main Network pitfalls relating to VoIP implementations and defined seven critical network advancements for no-compromise, enterprise-grade VoIP solution.

These advancements intelligently and automatically manage IP voice traffic when typical network architectures can’t and when WAN optimisation solutions won’t.

With most of our partners involved with VoIP or WAN’s that are crucial to their customers business we think that the Talari White paper “Take the Frustration Out of VoIP” will be of interest to you, or the more probably the technical oriented members of your team.

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